I may get myself into deep water here but let’s talk about fishing. Fishing is something that is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and there is a great deal to attract anglers to this part of Wales.

There is the River Wye itself and rivers that merge with it, the Irfon here in Builth in particular. Then there are the lakes and reservoirs, large and small including Llyn Brianne, The Elan Valley and a little lake near Builth called Pan-y-llyn which although small and hidden away is apparently full of large wild carp, minnows and chub. There is both game and course fishing and salmon, trout, grayling and chub can be found on the Wye and Irfon. You need to contact the Groe Park and Irfon Angling Club to either join or obtain a visitor permit. There is a link to this club below as well as the Rhayader & Elan Valley Angling Association site and both links contain a wealth of information on local fishing that can be had near to Builth Wells and The Owls B&B.

The little lake call Pant-y-Llyn we found on a walk and the first time we saw it, was partially frozen. A recent visit in the spring sunshine revealed a remote and serene little place that is rather intriguing. There is evidence of small man made dams and there is also fish to be had although how they got there is something of a mystery. I will include a link that describes this in great detail in which the lake is referred to as Britain’s most remote carp fishery. To fish at Pant-y-llyn, contact the Wye and Usk Foundation on 01982 560788 or see

It is a great pleasure for us while walking the dog along the Wye to see anglers both on the banks and in waders in the river enjoying all that this part of Mid Wales has to offer to those many fisherman that come to visit.

Fishing Pant y llyn

The small carp fishery at Pant-y-llyn.

Fishing Bridge

The Wye at Builth Wells, looking towards Aberedw.